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Beyond the Wild: 5 Reasons Bear Spray Is Your Urban Weapon

Bear spray is not just for the wilderness; it can also be your secret weapon for urban defense. With its high capsaicinoid content, this spray can quickly incapacitate threats from a distance of up to 30 feet, giving you the space you need to get away safely. Its simple trigger and safety lock make it […]

Furry Friend to Fierce Foe: Dog Repellent Can Keep the Peace

When you’re out jogging, cycling, or exploring a new area, having dog repellent spray on hand can help protect you from aggressive dogs. These sprays contain capsaicin, a safe ingredient that deters dogs without causing harm to them or humans. They are suitable for various situations, such as when delivering packages or walking at night. […]

Exploring Outdoors: The Importance of Dog & Bear Repellent

Venturing into the wilderness requires carrying dog and bear repellent sprays for protection. Bear spray creates a dense fog that can reach distances of 9 to 10.5 meters, effectively stopping a charging bear from a safe distance. It covers a wide area with its 2.4-meter diameter cloud. In contrast, dog spray emits a thinner stream […]

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