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Dummy Dome Camera With LED, White Body

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Weight 0.55 lbs

Our DM-WHTCM Dome Dummy Camera is the newest advancement in surveillance technology! Its sleek and stylish design will have everyone fooled. This dummy camera looks just like an expensive HD security camera, perfect for deterring theft and robbery. Every sighting of this dummy is sure to give potential intruders a run for their money. Plus, it’s equipped with a realistic-looking flashing LED that provides the effect that makes it look like a real working surveillance camera! Investing in our DM-WHTCM Dome Dummy Camera is guaranteed to make any establishment more secure through its realistic motion-sensing deactivation function. Don’t miss out on providing your home or business with top notch protection ― get our DM-WHTCM Dome Dummy Camera today!

Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Specifications: Measures 5 7/8″ x 3 1/2″

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