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Lint Roller Diversion Safe


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Weight 0.65 lbs

Are you looking for a discreet way to store your valuables? DS-LINT is here to help! A cleverly disguised lint roller, this diversion safe adds an exciting new level of security while also providing a unique way to store all your important items! The durable combination lock ensures no one but you can get inside and makes opening the safe quick and easy. By blending into your room’s decor, DS-LINT can be put away without drawing attention to itself – adding an extra layer of protection. No longer will you have to worry about hiding your items in easily accessible places or spending time transferring them from place to place – now they can stay right next to you as part of your everyday environment! So don’t wait – get DS-LINT today and experience maximum security without compromising on style. With its classic design and modern security features, this diversion safe is perfect for those who want an extra edge of stealthiness alongside their safety measures!

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