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Mace® Pepper Gel Night Defender MK-III With Light

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Introducing the MACE® PEPPER GEL NIGHT DEFENDER, an all-new and unbeatable defense option for night-time safety. The 80817 model doesn’t play any games – it’s here to help keep you safe wherever you may be. With features like its illuminating 33 Lux LED Light, this model provides improved light visibility at night or in low-lit areas so that you will always have the upper hand in any situation. Plus, its 45 gram size sprays up to 10 to 20 strong bursts reaching an impressive distance of 18 feet! Carry this reliable pepper gel with confidence knowing you are using the most powerful defense available to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. With MACE® PEPPER GEL NIGHT DEFENDER on your side backing you up 24/7, there’s no room for fear – just peace of mind every step of the way!

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