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Mace® Pepper Spray Jogger – Black

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Weight 0.2 lbs

Stay safe and active with the Mace® Pepper Spray Jogger 80761! This simple yet powerful protection device is ideal for outdoor activities like running or hiking. Slip it on your keychain for convenient, effortless carry, or use the Velcro-like strap to secure it right in your hand. Feel confident when you’re out and about with this pepper spray jogger at your side; a single push of the button sends out a strong mist of pepper spray up to 12 feet away. The 18 gram unit contains up to 20 short bursts so you can keep yourself and those around you safe. With Mace® Pepper Spray Jogger 80761, enjoy peace of mind when you hit the trails – invest in reliable defense that fits right in your pocket!

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