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Shave Cream Diversion Safe



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Weight 0.41 lbs

Introducing DS-SHAVE, the perfect way to protect your valuables without compromising on your style. With DS-SHAVE you can keep your most important belongings stowed away under plain sight. This clever diversion safe is designed to look like an ordinary shave cream can, but is designed with a special removable top and bottom to hide anything you want! According to the Chicago Crime Commission, a burglar typically spends about 8 minutes in a victim’s home—put the odds back in your favor by hiding essential items in plain sight with DS-SHAVE. Unlike other less effective diversion safes that are easily recognizable, DS-SHAVE blends right in among the other items in your bathroom cabinet or cupboard. Plus, it’s weighty enough to feel full and so realistic it doesn’t miss a beat – all while keeping your precious items safe. Reserve peace of mind today with DS-SHAVE suppression safe!

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