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Tactical Black Twist Pen with Extra Refill

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Weight 0.3 lbs

Are you looking for a practical pen that works well and can be used for more than just writing? The TACPEN1-B is the pen for you! This tactical black twist pen comes with a beautiful textured aluminum body that provides an easy grip and superior durability. It features a pocket clip so you can carry it easily wherever you go. The retractable pen tip, twist design makes it easy to open and close as needed, ensuring the ink does not dry up even if it spends weeks or months unused.

Plus, who says everyday pens are only good for writing? With this special twist pen, you also get a glass breaker tip—perfect for using in emergency situations when you need to break some glass or even defend yourself by jabbing or stabbing! And don’t worry about running out of ink anytime soon; every purchase comes with an extra refill cartridge as well. With all of these features wrapped into one product, what’s not to love? Get your hands on the TACPEN1-B today and never worry about being caught unarmed again!

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