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100 Million volt Bouncer Stun gun with Flashlight

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Weight 3.55 lbs

The ST-BOUNCER is the ultimate protection tool you need. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’ll always feel safe and secure with a Bouncer at your side. This high-security stun device packs an incredible punch of 100 Million Volts, preventing any approaching attacks when used defensively. The aircraft aluminum design will empower even the smallest among us to take down any attacker with confidence. And that’s not all – the Bouncer comes with an advanced 280 Lumen flashlight with 5 preset modes which can be used to provide beams of light in dark areas or temporarily blind passersby if needed! You won’t have to worry about going through batteries either – it comes with a wall charger and two rechargeable batteries, plus a removable glass breaker that can be conveniently screwed onto the end of the unit for added protection in emergency situations. With a 22-inch reach and rubberized handle, you’ll have plenty of ways to protect yourself from attackers. Get ready- own yours today and keep your security on lock!

• 280 Lumen Flashlight
• 5 Light Modes: You can select either maximum, medium, low, SOS, or strobe mode.
• Aircraft Grade Aluminum
• 2 Removeable Lithium Batteries and Charger
• Rubber Handle
• 22″ long x 2″ wide
• Lifetime Warranty
• 4.9 Milliamps

• Bouncer Stun Gun Flashlight 100 Million Volts
• (2x) 18650 rechargeable batteries
• Glass breaker (screws on the end of the unit)
• Instructions
• Battery Charger

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