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Stun Guns for Self-defense

Used in the right way, a stun gun is an effective defensive weapon. Be aware of your surroundings. Practice before using and you can be sure that you will be ready to defend yourself should you ever need to. By following these simple steps, you can learn how to use a stun gun in case of an attack. Here are some important tips.

A stun gun is a weapon and not a toy. Misuse of a stun gun could result in criminal charges. Always make sure to follow the safety instructions on your stun gun. The safety switch will help you ensure that you do not injure yourself.

Whenever you’re testing a stun gun, do not dry fire it for more than a couple of seconds. Otherwise, it will burn out the capacitor and void the warranty. When holding it on an attacker, you can fire it as long as you want.

Disable pin for stun guns is designed to prevent the use of the stun gun in case it is taken from you. The disable pin is attached to a wrist strap. When carrying the stun gun, put your hand through the wrist strap. If an attacker tries to take the stun gun from you the pin removes, disabling the stun gun. You can remove the disable pin when you’re at home to keep the stun gun from harming your child.

Some people do not like the disable pin. Their opinion is that the pin could be accidently dislodged when pulling it from a purse or pocket.

You will need to make up your own mind if you want a stun gun with a disable pin.

Once you’ve acquired your stun gun, you should practice using it. Make sure it’s accessible and that it’s always stored in a safe place. In situations where you might need to use it, you should carry it in your hand.

You should target a vulnerable place on the body. Aim for the nerve centers in the body; the neck, shoulder, abdomen, and groin. By hitting these areas, you’ll have an effect on the whole body. A stun gun will cause pain anywhere it contacts.

When an attacker is a potential threat, a stun gun is an excellent choice for self-defense. The device’s high-voltage, low amperage shock will incapacitate the attacker. The stun gun will give you enough time to escape the situation.

When using a stun gun with a disable pin, insert it into the stun gun before using. It won’t work otherwise. To activate, turn the safety switch off. Then press the trigger. Make constant contact for several seconds to have the best effect.

Before you use a stun gun, know how to use it. Before you turn it on, make sure that you understand how to properly hold it. Once you’ve found the safety switch, you can practice holding the unit.

The stun gun is the second most popular non-lethal self-defense device. Second only to pepper spray.

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