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3 Piece Throwing Knife Assorted Color – Black, Blue, Red

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Weight 0.85 lbs

Are you looking for a fun and useful skill to develop? If so, the ST-TK3-103 3 Piece Throwing Knife Assorted Set could be the perfect tool! Boasting designs in black, blue and red, this three piece 440 stainless steel set is an ideal beginner to intermediate throwing knife practice kit. At six and a half inches long each it offers just the right balance of weight and size oh make practicing on target realistic and rewarding. Thanks to its high quality construction they can also stand up well against common wear and tear. When you’re done throwing your knives, simply slide them back into the included sheath pouch for safe storage until next time. Get your hands on the ST-TK3-103 today and start developing your throwing knife skills right away!

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