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Comb Metal Knife

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Weight 0.15 lbs

Black, Pink

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get everyone’s attention with the Metal Comb Knife! This unique and versatile product is the perfect accessory for when you need a conversation piece or just something fun. Astonish your friends with a simple motion that transforms a harmless comb into a powerful knife measuring almost seven inches long. The hard-wearing blade and handle are 3.5 inches long and feature half-serration for any task. It’s lightweight and cool–not to mention totally unforgettable. Available in blue and red for the guys, or pink and purple for those that want something special–now you can always be prepared for whatever life throws at you! Plus it’s great starters or anyone who hasn’t yet gotten familiar with knives. Get your Metal Comb Knife today—you know you want one!

  • 3 ½ inch blade
  • 3 inch handle
  • 6 ½ inch overall length
  • Available in 2 colors

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