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Automatic Expandable Steel Baton Black Handle


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21 inches, 31 inches

Introducing ST-AUTO – a revolutionary 21 and 31 inch wheelbarrow that lets you transport goods easily and conveniently! Whether it’s in the shop, on a construction site, or refueling your car, this innovative wheelbarrow gives you endless possibilities. Enjoy quick maneuvering from an ergonomically designed push handle with comfortable rubber grip to reposition items quickly and precisely. With ST-AUTO’s sturdy construction, large capacity, and adjustable height settings from 21 inches to 31 inches, you’ll be able to carry heavier loads of up to 110 lbs with ease. Because its frame is made of lightweight aluminum alloy with an anti-skid secondary lining on each side of the platform, it’s highly stable and secure even on slippery floors or terrain. And the tool board hanging on one side is perfect for carrying everyday tools like a hammer or screwdriver. Our puncture-proof tires will never get flat – so you can work smarter not harder. Get high productivity with less effort by using ST-AUTO today!

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