Carry A Stun Gun, Pepper Spray, Or Personal Alarm And Never Feel Alone.

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Pointed Glass Breaker End Cap for Telescopic Steel Batons

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Weight 0.2 lbs

When faced with the need for protection, trust the TSB-ENDCAP to be an invaluable tool. This amazing Pointed Glass Breaker End Cap for Steel Batons can turn any steel baton into a powerful tactical weapon. With easy-screw attachment, you can quickly and easily add additional personal protection to your arsenal. When you’re in a pinch, the TSB-ENDCAP is a quickest and perfect solution for added safety from danger. Its hardened glass breaker point means you can also use it to break windows if needed – and most importantly, keep yourself safe! Trust the TSB-ENDCAP; it’s guaranteed to help protect you in any situation.

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