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Butterfly Knife Black

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Weight 0.35 lbs

Introducing the ST-BK-104 stainless steel butterfly knife! It features a sleek, straight back blade that’s tapered and angles upward for a superior cut. The stainless steel handle is finished with a smooth surface, providing you with comfort while using this excellent tool. We’ve carefully balanced out the design to give you an even weight when flipping – ensuring better control and accuracy. On top of that, the handle also features tactical cutouts to further increase your flipping ability like never before! When you don’t feel like using it or need to store it away, simply use the latch feature to lock it in place until next time. Get ready for all your cutting tasks with the powerful yet lightweight ST-BK-104 knife! Black Handle, Black Blade

  • Butterfly Knife
  • 9″ Overall Length
  • 4″ Blade
  • 5″ Stainless Steel Handle

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