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Credit Card Foldable Knife

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When it comes to safety in unexpected situations, you need something that is both powerful and discreet. Introducing the ST-CCKNIFE: Safety Technology Credit Card Knife! Attached to a black credit card, this tiny tool has a surgically sharp steel blade securely hidden away behind the blade-lock. All you have to do is pop open the lock and easily fold it into an effective pocket knife―the perfect companion to carry with you for those moments of emergency preparedness. Lightweight and slim enough to slip into your wallet or coat pocket, this innovative invention has all the power of a regular knife without any of the bulk or hassle! Don’t leave yourself unarmed again: get your hands on an ST-CCKNIFE today and feel comfort in knowing that help is close by.

The blade is 2 3⁄4″ long when extended. It measures 3 3⁄8″ x 1⁄8″ x 2 1⁄8″ when in the credit card shape.

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