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Multi-Function Survival Business Card

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The SURVIVAL-BC is your wallet’s new best friend! This innovative multi-tool card is designed to provide a life-saving list of gear in any survival situation. Everyone should have one in their wallet, just in case you ever find yourself hiking deep into remote terrain or scrambling over a rugged landscape. With the SURVIVAL-BC you can rest assured that you have the tools needed to survive any unexpected obstacle life may throw your way. Get peace of mind knowing you are always prepared with this amazing multi tool in your back pocket!


  • Can Opener
  • Knife Edge
  • Slotted/Flathead Screwdriver
  • Ruler
  • Bottle Cap Opener
  • 4 Position Wrench
  • Wing nut Wrench
  • Saw Blade
  • Direction Ancillary Indicator
  • 2 Position Wrench
  • Keychain/Lanyard Hole

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