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Inert Practice Defensive Spray


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½ oz, 2 oz Stream, 2 oz Fogger

Stay prepared and practice safely with Inert! This water-based defensive spray provides a realistic way to build confidence in your self-defense skills without the worry of potential injury. Crafted from safe, nitrogen pressurized compounds, Inert offers an unparalleled experience to any user looking to sharpen their defensive response abilities. Equip with it in a situation for increased awareness and control from potentially harmful scenarios, all without worrying about doing any permanent damage. While highly unlikely, it is strongly advised that you not use this product on yourself or other people due to potential skin irritation and eye burning effects that could be caused by the nitrogen contained within the spray. Today is the day you make sure you stay one step ahead of danger – get your Inert Defensive spray now!

WARNING: Do not spray on anyone or yourself. Even though there is nothing in the sprays to do any permanent harm to anyone, the nitrogen can cause some skin irritation or burning if sprayed in the eyes.

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