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Keychain Alarm with Light

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Weight 0.17 lbs

Take a stand against dangerous attackers and threats with the Keychain Alarm with Light! Built for both safety and convenience, this PAL-130L alarm is designed to be your go-to companion. With a 130db ringing alarm to scare away potential intruders, and a bright flashing light to deter them further, you’ll always have peace of mind in any situation. Attached easily to your keychain, this device can be taken on the go. Compact enough for travel yet strong enough to protect you as required–the lightweight design comfortably fits in the palm of your hand but still packs a powerful punch! The flashlight feature works well in night time lighting or can serve as additional warning should an intruder come near. Best of all, two AAA batteries are included so you don’t have to worry about stopping by the store before heading out! Don’t let danger get close–always be prepared with the PAL-130L Keychain Alarm with Light!

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