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Mini Personal Alarm with LED flashlight and Belt Clip

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Weight 0.1 lbs

Black, Pink

Get the highest level of personal security with the PAL-120 Mini Personal Alarm LED Flashlight. Don’t let its small, sleek design fool you – this tiny device emits an ear-piercing 120dB alert that will make any aggressor think twice. With a click of a button, this alarm can be easily activated and deactivated for maximum convenience and added peace of mind. Whether you prefer to keep it in your pocket, purse, or clip it to your belt, the PAL-120 ensures you always have something to protect you wherever you go. Plus, the built-in LED flashlight illuminates everything from sketchy parking lots to darkened staircases. Make sure your safety is always top priority with the PAL-120 Mini Personal Alarm LED Flashlight today! Measures: 3″ x 1 ½” x ½”.

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