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Mace® Brand Pepper Gun 2.0

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Weight 1.25 lbs

Introducing Mace® Brand’s Pepper Gun 2.0 – the ultimate tool for personal defense! This high-powered weapon prevents any attacker from getting too close – and you don’t have to worry about practicing your aim. The advanced delivery system shoots a power stream of OC pepper at your target up to 20 feet away – so now you can protect yourself at a distance. The dual mode LED feature lets you flash an indicating light or use the pulsating strobe mode for increased safety in dark areas. And it doesn’t stop there: attach accessories to your gun with the integrated Picatinny rail, while reloading is simple with easy-to-load cartridges. With the Pepper Gun 2.0, you are guaranteed superior protection that will leave your assailant thinking twice before messing with you again!

(3) x 1.5V AG13/LR44 batteries included.

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