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Mace®Pepper Gun with STROBE LED Black

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Weight 0.9 lbs

Experience the ultimate in self-defense when you purchase Mace® Pepper Gun 80585! This non-lethal defense tool provides you with all the convenience and accuracy of a point-and-shoot handgun combined with powerful protection. With an effective range of up to 20 feet and a fogger spray pattern that allows you to target attackers at any angle, this Pepper Gun gives you peace of mind while keeping you out of harm’s way. With Mace’s Maximum Strength Formula 10% OC Pepper plus an invisible UV marking dye to help the police identify your attacker, you can defend yourself safely and quickly if needed.

The 80585 also features a unique Dual Mode LED light for added defense in low light conditions. Pulling the trigger once activates the steady flashlight beam to better focus on a target, or pull it twice to ignite an attention-grabbing, pulsating LED strobe light which will startle and distract attackers. Keeping your Mace Pepper Gun loaded is easy enough too; each set comes with (1) Water Practice cartridge, (1) OC Pepper Spray cartridge, and battery for LED light models so it’ll always be ready when you need it most. Don’t leave home without this cutting edge self-defense sidearm!

Dimensions: 6 1/2″ x 1 1/2″

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