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Pepper Shot 1.2% MC 4 oz Pepper Spray

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4 oz Stream, 4 oz Flip Top, 4 oz Fogger

Protect yourself and your loved ones with Pepper Shot 4oz! This non-lethal personal protection formula is formulated with 1.2% major capsaicinoids, so it packs a powerful heat punch that will repel any would-be attacker. With 2,000,000 SHU’s of raw pepper, this pepper spray swells the mucous membranes in the eyes and makes breathing difficult — not to mention make them close and stays potent for up to 45 minutes. Plus it has a UV identifying dye to help identify your assailant afterwards if needed. Make sure you stay safe in any situation with our Pepper Shot 4oz! It’s perfect for home use or carrying on the go with the convenient leatherette holster with belt clip attached. Invest in your peace of mind today!

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