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Throwing Knife 2 Piece Green BioHazard

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Nothing is quite as explosive and thrilling as the art of knife throwing. Now with the ST-TK2-108 two piece throwing knife set you can perform amazing tricks with ease. This sturdy 2 piece set is made from 440 stainless steel for an amazing balance in your hands you won’t find anywhere else. The blades are a unique green color emblazoned with biohazard texture sure to make you stand out from the crowd. They each measure 9″ long which is perfect for beginners and intermediates alike – anymore and it’s too much for an amateur to handle! And don’t worry about looking for additional sheaths – this set comes complete with an included pouch! If you’re looking for a thrilling outdoor activity that will get your heart racing, then look no further than the ST-TK2-108 two piece throwing knife set!

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