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Plastic Brush Knife


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Introducing the Plastic Brush Knife – the perfect way to keep yourself safe in any situation. Perfect for nightclubs, bars, or streets, this innovative tool looks just like an ordinary brush. But when you put it to use, it reveals a fully functional 4.25 inch plastic blade that can deliver substantial damage to attackers. Crafted from superior ABS plastic and able to be concealed away in no time flat, it is as handy and reliable as any self-defense weapon has ever been. So if you want peace of mind in any kind of potentially dangerous environment, then go and grab yourself the incredible Plastic Brush Knife today!

Product Features
•Plastic Brush Knife complete with window breaker/skull crusher
•Legal to carry inside of clubs and on the street
•Made from Hard ABS plastic
•Super sharp
•6.25 Inches overall length

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