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Wildfire Pepper Gel


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Introducing WF-GEL: Wildfire’s powerful 1.4% MC flip top actuator pepper gel stream. This pepper spray formula uses the latest technology to provide maximum protection for you and those around you. With a powerful concentration of 10% oleoresin capsicum, it’s sure to stop an attacker in their tracks. A UV identifying dye is also included, making it easier for law enforcement to identify perpetrators.

Unlike other pepper sprays, Wildfire’s advanced formula sticks to a target like glue and will not contaminate bystanders with over spray if used properly indoors. The effects will last up to 45 minutes, but never cause permanent damage or distress – just intense pain that any assailant may be deterred from trying again!

WF-GEL is the ideal companion for both home and outdoor use. Keep it in your car, RV, camping gear or nightstand drawer and rest easy knowing you have a reliable way to protect yourself and your loved ones if ever needed. Get your WF-GEL today!

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