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What are Kubotans?

Kubotans are self-defense tools that are designed for use in close quarters combat. They originated from Japan and were used by police forces to control suspects during arrests. Kubotans are typically made of metal or hard plastic and measure about 5 inches in length. The purpose of the kubotan is to apply pressure and pain compliance techniques to an assailant without doing any permanent damage. It can also be used as an impact weapon if needed, though this should only be done when absolutely necessary. These self-defense tools provide a relatively low risk option for defending oneself against an attacker.

What are the Laws for Kubotans?

In the United States, kubotan laws vary from state to state. Generally speaking, it is illegal to carry a kubotan with the intent of using it as a weapon. Some states have specific laws prohibiting or restricting their use, while others may not mention them at all. It is important to check your local laws and regulations before carrying a kubotan for self-defense purposes. Additionally, certain types of kubotans such as brass knuckles may be banned in some areas regardless of their intended use.

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