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Cell Phone Stun Gun

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Easily conceal 14 million volts of stopping power within a phone that looks exactly like the top brands!

Realistic enough to fool anyone at a glance, it puts 4.7 milliamps of electrifying protection in the palm of your hand.

Easy to use, impossible to recognize; this is the smartphone stun gun customers have requested! Reach for your protection with confidence; nobody will think twice when you pull out this device to keep in hand during potentially dangerous encounters.

14 Million Volts

Whether on the go or just wanting to keep yourself protected, the 14 Million Volts Stun Gun is the best smartphone stun gun available.

Anyone can use the cell phone stun gun, and it looks so realistic it’s hard to believe that it isn’t a real cell phone! This is the cell phone stun gun that customers have been asking for!

50 Lumens Flashlight

The best way to make an informed decision when shopping for a flashlight is to consider lumens and the lens or reflector in which the light source is mounted. This will help you choose a model that suits your particular needs.

Whether you enjoy urban exploring in old buildings or are a daring city-dweller, a strong LED flashlight is an invaluable companion. In the dark, a powerful flashlight ensures that you don’t fall through the cracks in dilapidated stairs or walk into danger on a train station platform.

120dB Alarm

The 120dB Alarm is a great tool to have in your home or on the go. It is extremely loud and will scare off an attacker, which can be very effective when you are being threatened.

Covert Design

If you’re looking for a way to protect yourself while also not drawing attention to yourself, a covert cell phone stun gun is the way to go. Disguised as something innocuous, such as a tube of lipstick or a pen, it will still deliver the shock of a lifetime to any potential attacker.

Stun guns are a must-have for law-abiding citizens who want to be ready for any kind of threat. They’re a great self-defense tool, and the cell phone stun gun is one of the most effective. The trick is identifying the best one for you. The right device can save your life.

4.7 Milliamps

Stun guns are designed for people who want a non-lethal weapon to protect themselves from attackers. These law-abiding citizens understand the fundamental right to self-defense and need a tool that helps them defend themselves in the event of an attack.

This stun gun delivers 4.7 milliamps to incapacitate an attacker in seconds while giving the victim time to escape. Designed to look and feel like a cell phone, it’s realistic enough to fool anyone at a glance.

Voltage and amps are the basis of electrical current, so they are often used interchangeably. In this textbook analogy, volts represent the speed or pressure of electricity flowing through the hose, and amps represent the amount of charge that travels through the water.

Lifetime Warranty

A Lifetime Warranty is a real plus in the world of cell phone stun guns. If this stun gun needs a replacement or fails to perform as intended, you can rest assured that Affiliated Safety Products will be there for you.

This design is for the price-conscious buyer who wants a quality stun gun with a lifetime warranty.

It is also a great value for the money, including a LED flashlight.

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