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3in1 130db Personal Alarm With Light

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Weight 0.35 lbs

Introducing PAL-1LIGHT — the revolutionary 3 IN 1 130db PERSONAL ALARM WITH LIGHT that is perfect for keeping yourself and your belongings safe and secure. It has two attachments: a standard smart hook that can be used on your belt loop or purse and a window/door alarm attachment so you can use it as an alarm on any window, door, or laptop computer.

When activated, the PAL-1LIGHT triggers a loud 130db alarm sound to alert you of potential danger up to 600 feet away as well as a bright strobe light to attract attention in darker environments. Both the sound and light will turn off after 15 seconds or when you turn them off manually using the button provided. You can also use the same button to have access to flashlight function should you need it in any of your security needs.

Powered by one 9 volt battery (not included), PAL-1LIGHT is designed with user safety in mind, offering maximum convenience in a sleek and compact size, making it easy for anybody–whether you’re at home, school, college campus, office or on the go–to carry with them wherever they go! Get your peace of mind today and make sure you’re prepared for whatever life brings with PAL-1LIGHT!

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