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Pepper Shot 1.2% MC ½ oz Halo Holster


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Introducing the PS-Halo: a revolutionary self-defense tool to keep you safe in any situation. Crafted with quality and care, the Pepper Shot 1.2% MC comes backed with the patented Major Capsaicinoids formula, providing intense heat without causing long-term damage. Infused with 2 million SHU’s of raw pepper, the effect is designed to last up to 45 minutes and leave attackers swollen and in pain! To sweeten the deal, this incredible tool also includes a unique locking actuator plus a halo holster for discrete carry and quick key release keychain for your convenience. Combining power and convenience, the PS-HALO effortlessly keeps you safe while keeping it stylish. Whether you’re strolling through dangerous places or facing off against unexpected danger, protect yourself in instantly intimidating style with the PS-HALO today!

Measures: 4 ¼” x 1 ⅝”

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